I am available to carry out any historical research for you, in particular, any topic that requires research in North Yorkshire, although I am willing to travel further afield when necessary.

I will consider any research subject, but I specialise in:

  • Location Research - bringing the places your ancestors knew to life with photographs and maps
  • Ancestor Research - looking in greater detail at a particular persons life
  • House History - even a 'normal' house can have a story to tell
  • Local History
  • History of a Club, Society or Institution
  • Family History & Genealogy
  • Any other general historical query

E-mail me on enquiries@dymresearch.net or fill in the enquiries form and we can go on to explore the viability of your subject. If necessary, I will carry out a brief evaluation to formulate a research strategy, looking at things like what sources of information will need to be consulted, where these resources are held and in some cases that resources are very limited. We will then discuss how to take the research project forward.

It must be borne in mind when considering any historical research, that resources may be destroyed, misfiled, allowed to decay or simply lost. There is no guarantee that the information you are looking for is still available - although in the majority of cases there will be something useful. A lack of information like this should be apparent after the initial evaluation, and we can tailor a strategy accordingly. However, finding nothing still involves the researcher checking the sources, and research costs must still be paid - regardless of the results.